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Sedona Jeep Tours is the union of six great Sedona tour companies.

We are Sedona’s only all-private tours, where you always get to enjoy the ride with your friends and family. We pride ourselves in our family-owned and operated companies and mentality. All of our employees are family to us, and it shows in our tours. Our guides bring their full personalities to the tour, giving our customers a fun, once-in-a-lifetime experience. 

All of our companies offer unique experiences you won’t find elsewhere. From rich history and geology to spiritual and vortex information, we have the tour to suit exactly what you’re looking for. We love to create custom tours as well, and we can make just about anything possible!


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When Bob Bradshaw came to Sedona back in 1945 there wasn’t much here. He was the first to offer tours of the Sedona Red Rocks on horseback, and created what is now known as the “Broken Arrow” trail. When Jeff Chandler and Jimmy Stewart stared in Broken Arrow (1950), Bob helped widen the horse-trail so they could get movie supplies to the film site. He also served as Stewart’s stuntman and double in the film.

Although commercial Jeeps started driving tours on the Broken Arrow trail in 1958, the trail remained virtually unchanged until 1985.

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Over the next 50 years many films were made in Sedona and Bob was a part of most of them, serving as location scout, stuntman, and even actor. He built the first western town for use in the booming Movie Industry (located beneath Coffee Pot Rock), and was one of the first Marlboro Men—many say he is still alive because he never actually smoked. Bob Bradshaw is also one of the renowned early photographers of Sedona and you’ll see his work all over Sedona and Arizona. For many years he contributed images to Arizona Highways. He still lives in Sedona.


John Bradshaw, CEO of Sedona Jeep Tours

John Bradshaw was born and raised in the town of Sedona, and has carried on, and expanded, the Bradshaw legacy. His dad ushered him into this world like a true cowboy by paying for his delivery with a colt.

From a young age his dad inspired him to appreciate and respect the beauty of Sedona—this is evident in the care his guides use when on the trails. At the age of nine, one of his chores was to block off roads that were not recognized by the forest service.

In the mid-nineties John took over the management of the Bradshaw Ranch, using it as a destination for horseback rides and jeep tours. During this time he also purchased Sedona Photo Tours, a F.S. Permitted company. Over the years, the Bradshaw Ranch served as location for five movies, two TV series, and numerous commercials. It’s also seen the likes of Beau Bridges, Elvis Presley and Kenny Rogers. Several of the Subaru commercials with Paul Hogan were filmed there at that time, as well as numerous commercials and photo shoots.

Following in his father’s footsteps, John became a photographer in his own right. Many of the beautiful photos seen on post cards and calendars around town are products of Bradshaw Color Studios. Eventually he married his high school sweetheart, Maree, and the two have two beautiful children, Jillian and Mason. He is the recipient of the Main Street Person of the Year Award (2003), and was elected to the Sedona City Council in 2004 (he is the only member who was born here).