Colorado Plateau

1.5 -2 HR TRIP
Private Jeep

Tour the Mogollon Rim by Jeep

Highlights & Sights: Ride up Old Munds Wagon Trail of the early 1900’s and learn the history of the settlers that moved between Sedona and Flagstaff. Traverse Old Bear Canyon and take in Uptown Sedona from more than 1,000 feet above.

If you’re looking for breathtaking landscapes and the perfect photo opportunities, then this is the tour for you! Come and enjoy one of the most scenic places in Sedona, the Mogollon Rim. You will begin your journey on the historic Old Munds Wagon trail that was originally used for herding cattle around Sedona to Flagstaff. Along the way, you’ll get to see and learn about the impressive red rock formations that will be towering above you. You’ll also get the opportunity to see some of Sedona’s famous rock formations like Snoopy Rock, Cow Pie Rock, and Merry Go Around Rock. As you head up in elevation, you’ll drive by sights like the Dripping Cave from the famous 1987, western movie, “The quick & the Dead”, featuring Sam Elliott. Once you have reached your designated stopping area, you will have an opportunity to gaze in awe over the magnificent Oak Creek Canyon. Here you will get the opportunity to take pictures of Sedona’s most astounding landscape. Book today to join us on this breathtaking jeep tour!

Book today to join us on this breathtaking Jeep tour!

Please note: During winter months, the Forest Service closes part of this trail due to weather. Please call us regarding availability when booking between December and April. The 1.5-hour version of this trail is The Pioneer Trail, which remains open through the winter.

Bring: Sunscreen, Photo ID, Closed-toe shoes

This tour is operated by:

Sedona Offroad Adventures, Red Rock Western Jeep Tours, Earth Wisdom Jeep Tours

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Multi Company Tour
YELLOW Jeeps. Founder Bob Bradshaw began providing Sedona tours on horseback in 1949, while working on Hollywood western films. Bob's son, John Bradshaw, continues the family traditions of partnership, adventure, and extreme outdoor fun for the whole family at A Day in the West.
RED Jeeps. Our tour guides are characters all their own, providing informative, fun and friendly insight about the history and folklore of Sedona's legendary Red Rock country during our Jeep tours!
BLUE Jeeps. Hear the science and spirituality that explains the three main types of "Vortices" and how Sedona became known for its famous meditation sites. Your guide will share their special knowledge and understanding of Sedona's plants, animals, history, and geology of its beautiful red rocks.
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