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Journey in a private, open-air Jeep offroad through one of Sedona’s enchanted forests and hike to a lesser-known powerful upflow vortex with breathtaking 360-degree views.
Head out and view the picturesque Sedona landscape and open vistas while making your way over big boulders and rocky roads! Always a treat for all ages!
Journey offroad into Sedona’s landscapes and dive into the mysteries surrounding the Red Rock Secret Mountain.
Experience the dark skies in a whole new way as we take you on our western trails to give you the best stargazing experience in Sedona!
Join us for a magical moonlit tour in the Sacred Seven Canyons area in West Sedona.
Enjoy a fun and informative Hummer tour of Sedona’s stunning backcountry! This tour is perfect for some family fun!
If you want to see all the scenic mesas of Sedona, you can’t go wrong with this Jeep tour! Experience the real Old West with views of canyons, cactus fields, and Doe Mesa.
Experience the real Old West, learn about Sedona’s wild western history and native culture while envisioning what Sedona looked like a century ago.
Get ready for an unforgettable Jeep tour of the amazing scenery of Verde Valley in central Arizona!
Have fun on the custom trails built around the Alcantara property, where you will learn about the area’s history, plant life, and geology. Then finish your trip with a great wine tasting and cheese plate with Alcantara’s knowledgeable wine experts.

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