Outer Dimensions Night Tour

Private Jeep

Explore Unexplained Phenomena

Night-time Jeep Tour in Sedona, Arizona, takes you out into the quiet, dark Sedona Desert in search of the unexplained phenomena in this open-air off-road jeep tour. As we head towards the Bradshaw Ranch, you will exit the jeep with your guide at an overlook point, stepping out onto the red rock desert where many documented anomalies have been witnessed in this vortex spot.

Here you will get a chance to gaze upon the desert landscape and up into the open night sky to feel a  connection to the land like the indigenous tribes of the past who talked about the ones who came from the stars and from under the red rocks. Our guides are experiencers who will share stories from past and present of the strange lights, orbs, alien creatures, and ships and portals reported in Sedona.

While this tour is meant to be fun and educational, this tour is certainly not for everyone. There are no guarantees you will see anything, but you may feel a presence as you bump along the dirt roads in the night into arguably one of the most diversely active UFO, Alien, and Bigfoot hubs in the world.

This tour is mild to moderately bumpy and includes one main stop at the Bradshaw Overlook, about 1 mile outside the ranch. Strange evidence has been captured here on film. The Bradshaw ranch is private property owned by the United States Government, so we can not access beyond the fence line.

If the area is closed due to weather conditions or customers want to remain on paved roads, we will have alternate sites to go to.

Bring: Photo ID, Closed-toe shoes

Tour Operated by:

A Sedona Jeep Tours company

Up to 6 people
How will the ride feel?
This tour is mild to moderately bumpy and includes one main stop at the Bradshaw Overlook.
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